If you'd like to reserve a copy of Orphan and get your name in the credits we are glad to accept your continued support! Even though we met our goals thanks to 1,146 incredible backers on Kickstarter your funding could help us do even more with Orphan. If you'd like to see us at PAX or GDC next year when the release date rolls around this is the way to ensure we can do it!

Just remember, Orphan is in development and not expected to be released until late 2017!

Pre-order: One digital copy of Orphan for PC / Mac / Linux - $15 USD
(PS4 preorders TBD)
Estimated delivery date: Fall 2017

Reward Level See Kickstarter for details

Some rewards were Kickstarter exclusives but there might be opportunities later down the road to get some of the extra swag. If you aren't already getting our Kickstarter updates please join our mailing list on the homepage to receive future announcements.

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