"The Day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand." - Joel 2

The leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter. The bus ride home is a long trip down a series of dusty, gravel roads and by the time you reach home the sun has already begun to set. You can smell whatever Mom is cooking for supper as soon as you step off the bus. Dad is in the living room fidgeting with the old tube set, erratically flashing and sounding of white noise.

"Go to the shed and grab my tools," he asks as he sees you walk in the door.

And hence your journey begins!

A minimal story in the style of classic gaming

In the good ole' days of gaming, you'd start the game, chase your giant mutant frog into a hole, put on your helmet, jump in your tank and go! Hopefully Orphan will make a little more sense than that, but Orphan will not be hours of cut scenes and voice acting stitched together by something resembling a game.

Orphan will focus on immersive gameplay and atmosphere. The story is what you make it. Aliens invade Earth and now they are trying to kill you. Will you live or will you die?


Orphan will explore settings unique to games including the highest mountains and deepest coal mines of Appalachia. But who knows where on/off Earth Orphan may end up?
Windy Hill Studio
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